Lost LX

Lost LX (The final installment of 1 to 60)

Stripped, to the bone
Sad thoughts emptied out
No excuses for yesterday
My future will I whip my way
Clear as day, and every day
Even in pain, I will stay

Lashes from every stem broken
Thorns embed piercing and bleeding
Marring the flesh as petals fall
To lay in a puddle soaking up blood
Where words were spoken of loves truth
Yes they were

And they were real

No lies were ever made but promises never kept
Fuck me for trying
Fuck me for wanting
Fuck me for living
Fuck me for failing
Fuck me for loving
Fuck me I’m sorry

The final bloom held upon a sunken shoulder
Naked and waiting
As the lashes count down
To the last one
Bare to my fucking bones

Bare to the bones


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