Shares His Bliss

she trails from his lips
her kisses head downward
running her thumbs along the thighs
as her nails dig in on the backs
she opens her mouth and spits out water
snaking her tongue along his shaft
it grew to its full potential
she licks around the head
with a kiss on the tip
as if to say hello
and welcome to your party
steams of liquid
creating a rainforest mist
heat rising under calm waters flowing
sending waves that spins a minds tornado
suction, function
engulfing, gagging
the rhythm strokes
she chokes
deep to the base
back of the throat
she moans a steady note
cupping balls
his words drawl
oh my gawd
a steady speed
under cruise control
he tries to hold back but fails
grasping the sack
his testicles thwack
as it pulses with energy
a charge that attacks
she feels him growing
about to burst
as he thrusts
shower head sprays
cascading down his back
like a waterfall that pours
rushing gushing
frothy and creamy
a gurgling song
held long
she pops the head
gives a lick
she stands to kiss
lips to lips
and shares his bliss


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