Alone v/v

didn’t consider the dark
never ventured past the park

soda pop and chocolate bars
gummy bears and candied stars

freddy the teddy dragged along for the ride
running away from home to hide

little boy told no, to many times
parents with tough love, their only crimes

stupid kid, doesn’t know what’s outside
now all alone, starting to cry

thinking about his mommy
when she reads him a bedtime story

how she pulls the covers up, close to his chin
just so she can plant a kiss, with a grin

dad flipping pancakes on Sunday
then out in the yard to play

with his little league coach
part of teaching his son the ropes

discipline and patience is never lost
when parents love, at any cost

the most tragic moment
when fear leaves them naked

in search for their runaway boy
all alone with his teddy bear toy


9 thoughts on “Alone v/v

  1. My boy ran. Twice. He’s okay now – but I was altered forever. This piece… is accurate in ways that a Mum can’t really articulate…

      1. Not far at all. It was more a tantrum that turned everyone upside down. He was totally scared when he realized he could remember how to get home – he’d snuck out and decided he was gonna strike out on his own! He was eight or nine I think.

        Luckily all neighbors banded and we found him quick. Everybody learned a new way to communicate that night ❀️

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