Like The Wind Blows

Alone in thought rests a heavy brow
The weight upon which sinks, matching a sullen frown
Reflecting on a life that extends days to weeks
Tears that fall from eyes caressing hollowed cheeks
Days that shine of suns warming glow
Might as well be raining like those tears flow
Clouds drift white against blue sky
Grey is the color that fills the eye
A glimpse of lovers holding hands
Imagined an act never had, alone he stands
The same route each day takes
To an empty home where no one waits
The radio plays ads for a dating game orgy
And the same old songs for a solitaire party
Still can’t sleep the night drags on
Staring at nothing until dawn
Popping pills to make it through the day
Off to face life, it is what it is, a cliche
A smile so fake everyone knows
When it disappears, like the wind blows


Am off on a 4 day fishing trip.
Have a wonderful and safe Labour Day weekend
Peace and Love

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