Through A Mirror

A window that never opens
A vision engraved in a silver lining
Fragile glass that holds seven years of luck
If you fuck with its shape you’ll get the bad
Stare if you care
Just with the eyes undress
Touch if you dare
To have and confess
Melt into the pane and swallow the silver
Tripping the light fandango
Step into the magic of desires tango
Unravel the mystery
Dive in gingerly
Naked flesh in wait
Want of touch is fate
That fuses hearts blistery
A whirlwind slithering with witchery
Casting black romantic magic
Tragic that it’s all a dream
Drifting to thoughts of nesting
Two peas in a pod cresting
Angel Eyes, reflecting in silver
Images, through a mirror

Ax πŸ™

16 thoughts on “Through A Mirror

      1. Oh…that’s not bad though…it’s an almost perfect sentence…almost…it’s ma chΓ¨re actually, lol
        Full points for effort anyway, I’m very indulgent and appreciative of people who try… like you’re all indulgent with my attempts to “play with the grown-ups” in your language πŸ™‚

      2. You’re welcome πŸ˜‰ lol
        Aw, now you’re being way too kind! The only thing I’ve written in the last few days that I actually truly liked was “Wild”, I don’t know if you read it, anyway, everything else has felt like drafts…especially when I read you, and my other favourite writers on here, you guys are just *so* good – sighs
        Thank you so much for the kind words though, I really appreciate it ❀

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