I Belong To You Now ~ a duet

Tender, would my heart be, if only set free
Would you, care to look at me
Would you, open your eyes to see
What my soul, bares for thee

If I looked at thee
I fear my heart would see
What I have always yearned for
And never thought would be

Like the sun that warms a spring day
Embraced in arms, these arms that weigh
Troubles whoa, is a tragedy we say
I say, let go and come my way

To fly into your arms
What a joy that would be
What holds me back?
The other who came before me

The past is past, let’s let it be
We’ll never know true love, unless free
Free to take desires wanton glee
Take my hands and come to me

So easy to say, yet not to do
With her scent still clinging, still upon you
Still, I’m desperate for the sweet press of your body to mine
Even knowing, a surety, it would ruin me in time

Time, like the rise of day to the fall of night
Betwixt heaven and hell and beyond, fiery light
Travel through space past the Milky Way
To a world that waits for you at bay

Your words, seductive and sweet
Meant always to sweep me off my feet
But alarm bells are ringing in my head
I can’t believe you, I can’t trust you, I have to walk away instead

Palms turned up with my final plea
The gaze of my heart from my eyes see
A star in the distance, I cannot reach
To soothe the fear in you, a pity I do beseech

My heart is breaking, the pull to you desperately strong
My fear is overpowering, I don’t think I can hold out long
I need to know I’m the only star in your sky, no other do you need
To soothe my fear, to bring me closer, I want to follow where you lead

I cannot say what tomorrow will bring
What I can say, is today my heart sings
A love for you that blooms like spring flowers
Tending our garden, a blossom of eternal colors

Do I take a chance, step into the abyss
Risk my heart and soul for such a thing as bliss
You entice me, enthrall me, beguile me, it’s true
I want each moment spent only with you

Picture this, may I bleed with no remiss
Each day would be greeted with a kiss
Your beating heart, protected in my greed
To own your every breath and fill your every need

The picture you’ve painted, I’ve coveted for so long
My heart is enraptured, my soul full of song
To be yours, to start and end my days with you
To be held in grace and honor, to have it just be us two

Climb aboard, my chariot of fire will rise above
Through stars, pulled by winged stallions thereof
The deepest cries of a love that is promised
In a song, sung, to the glow of flaming comets

A garden, a paradise, a virtual cocoon
To be the smile you wake to, your sun, your moon
My heart full of promise, I belong to you now
My soul to light your darkness, my solemn vow

A Collaboration ~ SirenSong1208 and Ax

Hello friends. I’m very excited to share with you all a collaboration with SirenSong1208. Those of you who know of her magic know how talented this amazing Poetess is. If there is anyone who is not familiar, please, please visit Here SirenSong and ride along for a trip through poetry bliss.

Siren, it was a wonderful experience working with you. thank you so much for joining me, your humbled fan and friend.

16 thoughts on “I Belong To You Now ~ a duet

  1. Oh, you’ve stirred my heart with this one my friends. It is astoundingly beautiful. Bravo to you both!!!!!

    (this is why I don’t dare consider myself a writer! That is a gift you both possess)

  2. Reblogged this on Siren Whispers and commented:
    I had the great pleasure of collaborating with Antony, you may know him as Perso~in~Poesia, on this duet. It was a fantastic experience to weave words with him, he has such a terrific way of expressing his thoughts. Please visit the original and check out a splendid array of his wonderful words.

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