imagine this…

the inhale filling his lungs
the exhale heating her space
his breath echoes in her ear
anticipation, consumed
by an aching to be touched
by a force breaking her down
a thunder that shakes the house
a silence driving her mad
standing bare, fully exposed
a first touch that draws a spark
arching her back her breasts swell
a drip of wetness, quivers
his fingers lightly gliding
from her neck along her spine
between the cheeks of her bum
to feel the burn from her core
coating a glistening shine
by the dew of her honey
her breathing, in, out, heavy
with each a stutter of air
as she gasps with a hard moan
from his fingers invading
her swollen and sticky folds
pushing, she begins to float
his whispers that fill her head
with words that make her revel
blissfully drifting in space
the stars shine, the moon hangs low
to cast its glow on their souls
reflecting, moving shadows
being free, dancing in air
just letting it fucking go
to say, I Love You
and really fucking mean it
can you imagine it now
imagine, how many don’t


13 thoughts on “imagine this…

  1. This was brilliant. I held my breath until the end. I must first say that I do not want chains strapped to myself, but I appreciate the artistic value of the presentation. I don’t know if that makes it a double standard; however, the subtelty and the evocative language, rather than the candid details are what make this beautiful art. You add so much class to your work, reading your poetry is like decanting wine. There is delicacy, precision and anticipation. Not a drop spilled. x

    1. I am left speechless. Thank you for such a wonderful comment. One that has touched me deeply. I am humbled and grateful for your visit and your precious time β€οΈπŸ™

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