The smell of leather that coats the weave of spun silk
Crisscross a netting that climbs to her thighs, honey soft
Toes painted black for a sultry appeal
She works her legs drawing his eyes to feel
The teasing that ignites a fire
It burns to suck her toes with desire
Fishnets coming rolling down
A sensuous strip tease swelling his purple crown
She glides a bare foot from his crotch to his chin
He inhales the scent of her lustful skin
As his kisses trail from her heel to her toes
Parting each with his meaty tongue, sucking as he goes
She rubs her clit moistened with her spit
Her mouth shapes an O as she parts her slit
She moans with pure delight
As she inserts two fingers with might
While he kneads her feet the sensation grows
To fill her empty mouth in a pornographic pose
The head of his cock resting on her lips
As her tongue licks and flicks
His hardened shaft bobbing up and down
He plants his feet firmly on the ground
Her head cupped in his hands he slowly shags
Reaching the back of her throat she gags
The tempo quickens with a piston like thrust
Giving in to their carnal lust
They maneuver themselves into position No. 69
His cock in her mouth and him going down to dine
Her clam being shucked by his tongue
A symphony plays to their moans sung
The music of love carries a wanton need
To be royally fucked, this Muse by her steed
She readies herself legs high and parted
He enters her wet, throbbing, hungry hearted
In sync they move to a silent beat
That is drummed by their hearts in heat
The climax approaches as fireworks shoot into air
Exploding with colors of fire they freeze with a stare
Just then together they cum


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