I’ve sketched, the thought of this
Vividly in my head
Assured, you may rest
It takes place in my bed

The lines that are etched
They flow with a sweet surrender
Caressed and stroked
Under the glow of the moons splendour

One by one clothes withered away
Exposing the flesh to touches and kisses
Every word whispered with moans
And the odd, sinister hisses

It will start off slow, back and forth
Hovering between heaven and hell
You can count on it
My dear Mademoiselle

I’ve sketched the thought of this
Vividly as I digress
Dreams are meant to be lived
Not just to be dreamed of any less

In my head, controlled by desire
Every move and every turn
Like fire whose flame grows
Left untamed will burn

The want to have and have to want
Unless equaled by another
Will remain a wish, a dream
Trapped and smothered

In time the flame will wither
Embers will fade to cool
Another victim left wanting
Another lovers fool


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