Souls Kept In A Cage iv/v

Beneath the hanging tree, sways to the breeze
Some come easy and mellow, barely moving
A peace and quiet, enough to please a diet
Seasons come and go, such is the way life flows
The softness of spring like a smile or a grin
A rebirth, just as it was meant to be on this earth
Summer’s heat gettin all hot and nasty
Hormones peaking, sun bum worshippers gettin freaky
It may be hot on the streets, it could be hotter under the sheets
A celebration in nature, its time for the spirit of fall
She does just that, enters from the top
We stare at a point and watch it change
Wondering where it all went
Thinking back at all the glorious times
Through spring and summers blast
Now autumns colours own the stage
Forget about the past
The north wind blows, it really blows
I’m mean in a negative way
I hate its bite, it’s cold cold heart
I’d light a match to burn it down
Chilling, down to the bones freezing
Homeless and lost like so many
Souls kept in a cage, alone, to die
A slow choking death, stealing breath
Beneath the hanging tree, sways to the breeze