In Her Head, She Will Bed

Stockings, that are silky smooth
A seam that runs along the calves, with a swoon
They can lead the eyes from a rise to a fall
Where heels are strapped, clicks, clacks, from the hall
Drifting in, with jasmine
Sultry grin, lips of satin
Call of the wild
To the meek and mild
Awaken it’s softly beating heart
It’s time to tear this place apart

The chill from his room can blow out a flame
A roaring fire put out just the same
Once was a man who seizes the day
Becomes one,
whose lost,
loves way

Silent words float in air
Her wanton desire to be, taken care
The feel of hands, that touch her flesh
Makes her pulse race, the heart in a thresh
When lips leave trails of saliva spit
Coating her budding clit
Finding herself rubbing her thighs
The final plea, made with sighs
In a language of love
Taken granted of

Not the slightest turn, to witness her
His darkened heart, cast in a blur
Where a vibrant flower is in bloom
Fails to see,
what’s outside,
that room

Retreating back, careful steps
The fading sounds of missing sex
Cotton sheets cool to the touch
Embraced in a desperate clutch
Alone with wandered thoughts
His loss
Gliding hands, over own
Driving self mad, with a groan
In her head
She will bed

Lust echoes, from a distant call
Still oblivious, to what’s down the hall
Alone, he would rather be
at a fucking,


hi friends. back from trip and having the worst ever jet lag.
just wanted to say hi. will start catching up with you all this weekend.
until then, love passionately and turn off the tv ;-p

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