Stained Blade ~ a reading

I’ve never reblogged my own. This was written early in the year. Wanted to share again in honor of everyone who has ever been abused.
October Domestic Abuse Awareness Month #SPIRITDAY
Lets Stop The Violence
Let Love Shine With Brilliance

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Stained Blade

He looked like me,
dressed like me,
never spoke like me
and hid like me.

We passed each other every day,
but he didn’t know my name.

He wore a black hood,
pulled long over the eyes,
I’ve seen his face many times,
sad like mine.

He never noticed I’m there,
among all the others ignoring him.

When he smiles the innocence shines,
too bad he keeps it in,
in the darkness of his mind.

Cutting like in a rhyme,
one, two, three in time.

Line over line,
the edge glides round arms and thighs,
a pointless blade,
dulled by stabbing walls.

Each thrust comes with a cry,
the screams escaping from inside.

The pain that pounds,
loud in his…

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8 thoughts on “Stained Blade ~ a reading

  1. A sad truth for many. We must remember that we can make a difference in someone’s life, even if just with a simple smile and “Hi!”

    Comments and audio are now “turned off” on original post. Wish I could have heard your reading. But from the comments posted sounds like you did a grand job!

    1. Thank you again Oscar for your kind words.
      Not sure why it does that but I just added a better link to the original with audio.
      As always, I appreciate you and your visits πŸ™β€οΈ

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