oh it swells, it baloons, its double thump repeats, repeats
i’ve fallen hard, it hurts, it makes the heart bleed
thinking there is a love, where nothing is compared of
in total bliss
good morning kisses that lasts the entire day
only to end in dreams of more kisses than breaths do sway
the moon that hangs in a blanket of space shines wide
a ring of light that stretches to galaxies beyond sight
more dreams of faraway places
looking for a love, who makes, funny faces
heart, dont let me down
lift this frown
shine that light, shine that fucking light
let it bleed a path that leads
leads to love, the true kind
where morning kisses draws a smile
a smile that gives thanks, to the stars
on wishes made yesterday, for a new day
heart, dont let me down


Paolo Nutini ~ Don’t Let Me Down ~ Beatles Cover

The Beatles ~ Don’t Let Me Down ~ The Last Gig