That Girl ~ better man

“That girl, makes me want to be a better man”

im addicted to you and i dont even know
why my hands shake, the palms wet with sweat

i used to be safe, all alone in a room
filled with just me, thinking of you

i find all the reasons to hold back
letting my tears drip into the black

where i keep the memories created
thoughts exploding in my head are sated

“That girl, makes me want to be a better man”

swing open the fucking door, breathe in light
step through and feel the wind sweep right

filling lungs with air spring foward dare
to sieze, hungers stare

walk, nay, run, quick as fast before the day ends
to reach, you, and take a chance that mends

“That girl, makes me want to be a better man”

ill take all the morning kisses
and all the bed time cuddles that blisses

sharing every second between breaths taken
where a pause captures the perfect moment

when lonesome memories fade into the past
forgotten all the sad times at last

having you, here, now, making new
today, the only day that should matter to me and you


Paolo Nutini ~ Better Man

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