An Evening Affair

Stilettos that rise off the ground
Arches so divine, whispers over lips whine
Puppy dog eyes, with tail wagging smiles
Getting drunk on strawberries and wine

Stockings, a neoprene shine
Stretchy and tight, toe to thighs
It’s cold and hot at the same time
Rising temperature, hitting all time highs

Garters that trail from hips, clasped on
Holding in place a pedestal to her grace
The heat from which would melt latex
Thank goodness for satin and lace

A matching brassiere, that cups, breasts
Long black gloves, an evening affair, wouldn’t you say
Picturing a face, an angel or devil
Hiding behind a mask in a mysterious way


14 thoughts on “An Evening Affair

      1. Haha! Well, you describe it like you are viewing it while you write it out!
        Haha! You always make me smile.
        Antony… You know sometimes imagination is better than the real thing at times. πŸ˜‰ : ) Love the poem!

      1. I enjoy seeing your poetry pop up in my reader. It tells me that you’re okay and that you’re making those poetry writing brownies earn their Christmas presents. (I know your secret). Cheers to that fountain of creativity. x

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