Emotions   ~   v/v 

Stories told in fabled fantasies
Kingdoms laid in gold upon thrones
Kings and Queens dining on blackbird pie
Cut the pie open and let them fly

Mirror mirror, yes that mirrror
The one that tells no lie
See the image it reflects?
It shows true beauty, only, on the outside

Fee Fi Fo Fum, theres that smell again
Be a good boy Jack, lets trade sum
Magic, the heart cannot deny
The desire to have, more, than none

Slip on a gurtle and tuck up that chin
Dress up imposter to win the affection
True love has no final strike
Midnight is the exact time, that starts a new day

Wave of the wand, leaving streaks of shimmering gold
The apprentice conducts a symphony of dreams
Mops and buckets dance to thunderous screams
This colourful world that came to life in a whirl

Past the meadow and into the woods
Eyes and ears, a nose so bold
Big pointy teeth that smiles
Little Red, is back to read more stories


17 thoughts on “Emotions   ~   v/v 

      1. yes I’ve a short story …. a fantasy but afraid to let anyone read it. I want to write stories I’m trying but …I’m lacking of words to make it readable.

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