When I’m High… i/iii

When I’m high…
my mind races, cutting line after line
to a nowhere land, moving on a nowhere plan
just feeling the buzz doin ninty-nine
such a cool number when its right side up
circles the top, loops around the back
sways to the bottom standing tall and stacked
pitch black night with beaming headlights
bats that glide the windshield wild
with razor sharp radar, little fangs smile
lightning fast, did you see that?
holy fuck, like a bat out of hell
screams from the radio loud
and when the silence creeps with spinning rubber on the streets
lips that sync, head begins to rock
singing the song with all I’ve got
no one else here, might as well dance with no fear
funny how a little dab of honey
smeared on paper fine, ooh baby!
filled with herb, roll on tight
spark an end and feel alright


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