Wait For Me ~ songs from different times

worlds apart, between space and time
a life and death, that waits in line
a hand to hold, yours in mine
tolls the bell, in a holy chime

heavens gate, swings wide open
waiting for the call, from a docket
a number printed, on a ticket
enter only, the chosen

Saint Peter, glowing like a lantern
waves to welcome, those who are blessed
embraced in paradise, of heavens breast
then retreats to leave, at a canter

toe to toe, standing in the cold
millenium beats, sending shivers
more and more flowing in like rivers
empty space now fills, with more young and old

hoping for a chance, to be forgiven
all the sins, that i have committed
since recieving, holy baptism
and taken past those gates, into heaven

angel, wait for me
the only good, my life has ever had
regardless, of how bad
promising i’ll be better, you’ll see

you are there, i am here
i’ll never have the chance, to make good
as a sinner, that was understood
i let you down again, my dear


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Jack Savoretti ~ Songs From Different Times

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