Motion ~ ii/iii

taken shots to the heart
inpenetrable, it will stop
a speeding bullit, that hits the mark

it thinks it can break its skin
this metal object fired from a muzzle
that splits the air at the speed of sound

the piercing bang sets a charge
shooting from a barrel
cocking the shooters shoulder

her thrustfull blow lands true
a perfect bullseye view
fell in love with her seductive cue

shot right through the heart
jolting it to start
nothing can stop a bullit fired by loves spark

the happy times holding hands
making love to all the great bands
sunlight and moonlight hung like strands

rainbow colours that lead to a pot of gold
lucky thoughts like charms that glow
living a dream with her growing old

the final shot taken when love parts
explodes on impact it shards
loves bullit from penetrating the heart


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