Eternal Home ~ ring of fire

a place no one knows below the line
where one, may see from minds eye

live a life of tragedy, misery
where one, may write in poetry

sinking days filled with insane
thoughts that drives in pain

releasing slow, to empty lungs
deaths awakening comes

airless bags, sag and droop
the eyes roll back in a loop

falling into a ring of fire
down, down, down to a singing choir

the maestro standing
baton waving

as violins rise with a cry
below the wails of a single oboe

the drums thumping madley
a cymbal waiting to clash, patiently

the cue will come from a nod
when satan looks up to god

another one bites the dust
hells fire grows with lust


great version of Johnny’s classic

Jack Savoretti ~ Ring of Fire

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