Only The Doctor Knows ~ i/iii

her eyes tell lies, as he puts the money down
fanned across she counts, he unzips her gown

to the floor it drops, satin black with saphire studs
she leads the way, to a bath of suds

water warmed with oil of amber
a scent that drives him under

candles burn, vanilla smoke swirls
the air breathed in, curls toes

strokes his cock, lickity clean
as a finger invades, he leans

caressing from thighs to calves
his heart rate beats in halves

rise into a robe, soft and hot
drys him off, ready or not

follows her, to the bedroom
a single bed, laced in her perfume

she sits at the end and raises her heels
with a bite of her lips, he kneels

stilettos drop to the floor
his mouth, her feet, he explores…


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