Only The Doctor Knows ~ ii/iii

he called her up with an explanation
why he was arranging a sexual session
long story short, his life is lacking affection
the mrs and he had a good thing, since the explosion
now they’re but memories, without physical attraction

you’ve come to the right place my dear
she said, what is it you’re looking for here
a little bunny dressed in pink with fuzzy ears
a teacher who praises the student of the year
a madam who will discipline with fear

all he could think of was black
head to toe, a mistress who would whack
when pleasure drifted off track
she knew what he needed without slack
setting a time she says, if you’re late, don’t come back

a knock on the door, a minute to eight
right on time, he’s eager, but she’ll make him wait
the sound of silence opens the door, “you’re late”
her wicked smile curls wide, his went straight
his eyes fell, she took his hand, you’ll remember this date…


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