Only The Doctor Knows ~ iii/iii

the sound of a lash as it strikes the flesh
the backs of thighs, a red that stings fresh

a pitiful fool, unable to lick and suck toes
her whispers scream, she lands another blow

your wife has been abused, this is true
she’ll be happy when I’m through with you

a Ph.D. in psychology has given her the tools
her method of treatment was not taught in schools

she talked to his wife and knew their marriage was falling apart
she would only help, with free will of their hearts

a husband craves devotion
a sense of emotion

providing all the necessities of life
for him and his wife

knowing she’ll be there
through comfort or despair

all that he needs
are met by her good deeds

but his head fell and filled
he now needs to rise and fulfill

the needs of his wife in bed
not what’s rattling in his head

yes, a table to eat, a place to rest
a home that says, Family Best

love between two can conquer the world
all it takes is to give it a whirl

kiss her in the morning and kiss her at night
show her that shinning armor worn by her knight

where the two will meet
starting at the toes and feet

the smell of lotion awakens his senses
mistress applying the ointment with caresses

their first session ended, what seemed like hours
his eyes widened like blooming flowers

he learned the art of sucking toes
next week, what? only the doctor knows


My apologies.  I changed the title.  This 3 parter changed course on me.  The original title didn’t make sense in the end.
hope you like it. cheers and good night 🙏❤️

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