I Dare You…

To choose one morning in the very distant future
Whether rain or shine don’t let the weather suture

Rise with a purpose that lifts to the hearts beat
Leave the house and venture out on the street

Greet with a smile that warms the day
All who pass will wallow in your sway

Be gay, in a charming way, your life is beautiful
The road you take, you live, make it wonderful

Savor the taste of chocolate, so divine
The smell of flowers, colours fill the mind

Fall in love with a woman, who turns you on
Take that man, and show him what you’re made of

Does it matter if it’s an innie or an outie?
Ha, it’s all in the way you use it, honey

Heaving breasts with nipples protruding
A sculptors hands shaping her curves moving

Reaching heights of total bliss, the kiss
Striking true, arrow from loves bow will not miss

It’s not just one morning
It’s your future calling

Go ahead boo
I dare you…


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