I Feel So Small


Hiding inside with tears that floats away, they meet the sky above turning it grey

Lightning and thunder laughing aloud, the echoes of sadness raining down from the darkest cloud

When hate fills the life I live, swallows whole every inch held captive

All my thoughts are sad and blue in this world, the bruises on my flesh like clouds swirl

Silence is the band-aid that holds my heart, from falling apart

In the dead of night I’ll step into the light of a billion stars, that match my scars

With a yearning cry to be touched, but the pain to bare it, is too much


8 thoughts on “I Feel So Small

  1. How beautiful. I guess we all feel small… in this big picture of life. But when you look up to the sky, there are so many small stars in the huge universe. So many… and yet they are all beautiful…

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