Below A Maple Tree

poems written, poems read, below a maple tree, in autumn red

fall in time, season leaves, below a maple tree, of falling leaves

stories told, on land and sea, below a maple tree, words do see

battles lost, battles won, below a maple tree, a tale of one

pure of heart, a shinning knight, below a maple tree, day and night

a quest for love, to fill a hole, below a maple tree, to make whole


13 thoughts on “Below A Maple Tree

      1. Indeed it does…so do lots of other fanciful things as well, fascinating, bewitching things that are not necessarily real. Have I lost you yet? Lol
        Hugs ❤

      2. Haha, I may just have had a couple of glasses of wine, don’t mind me! Ironic really, since I asked you if you were drunk earlier in this thread…I’m such a baaaad girl Lol

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