Below A Maple Tree

poems written, poems read, below a maple tree, in autumn red

fall in time, season leaves, below a maple tree, of falling leaves

stories told, on land and sea, below a maple tree, words do see

battles lost, battles won, below a maple tree, a tale of one

pure of heart, a shinning knight, below a maple tree, day and night

a quest for love, to fill a hole, below a maple tree, to make whole


13 thoughts on “Below A Maple Tree

      1. Indeed it does…so do lots of other fanciful things as well, fascinating, bewitching things that are not necessarily real. Have I lost you yet? Lol
        Hugs ❀

      2. Haha, I may just have had a couple of glasses of wine, don’t mind me! Ironic really, since I asked you if you were drunk earlier in this thread…I’m such a baaaad girl Lol

  1. This one makes me feel comfort and yearning all at once. Can we be comfortable or content in our yearnings? And the slow autumn feel. Ahhh, beautifully done.

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