They Come Out At Night

They come out at night
Many have tried to count
From left to right
Spanning an endless amount

On a clear night they fill the sky
Some twinkle, some stare
Drawing a natural high
A calling for those who dare

To strap on a rocket and go
Like so many, not alone
To journey beyond what they know
In search of the unknown

They come out at night
Where wishes for wishes are made
Catching a star, streaming its light
A hope on a prayer, that it doesn’t fade

On a clear night they fill the sky
With dreams of another world
Tiny specks to the naked eye
Waves of galaxies unfurled

Mapping a path to destiny
Far off, far off where treasures be
Trailing the way leaving a legacy
Planted roots that sprout and shout to be free

They come out at night
Each star in its own place
Connecting the dots that shine bright
Duly named as it sits in its space

On a clear night they fill the sky
Landmarks, if you will
Gazers eye, Ursa Majors dip and lie
Spotting one, a childlike thrill

To cap it off in worth
Matters not what dreams we speak of
Eyes that twinkle alone here on earth
If never shared, what is there to love


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