Freeze, frame

From the furthest tip along the Chilean coast
far down below, she, may be found

To the width of the Great White North
up near the top of the world, she may as well

Through the European nations zig zagging along the way
So many cultures, they could be hers

Asian delights that fuse with Middle Eastern colours
picture a perfect woman, could it be you

African drums beat with a history of surviving
the cruel and beautiful burns fire, in her eyes

The South Pacific, Aussies with delightful accents
Hers would be funny, scrumptious and sexy

A goddess whose skin is bronzed
by the simmering sun and the winds kissed by the sea
A passionate heart who loves madly
with a temper of a bucking bronco
She would fight nail and tooth
to protect what is dear to her
The perfect woman
Is it you?

Eye to eye, a dream come true
the silence speaks volumes of two

An inch apart, lips begin to swell
Freeze, frame


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