My Heavenly Muse

So serene looking into your eyes,
they shine, they sparkle,
they make my heart flutter with a rise.

When they tear of sadness an ache fills mine.
When they tear of joy happiness is divine.

I can see a million stars that twinkle in your eyes,
whether lost in space or held in my embrace.

Your eyes fill my morning light.
Your eyes fill my midday high.
Your eyes have me stoned in twilight.
Your eyes have me sinking in oceanic depths.
Your eyes fill my autumn hues.
Your eyes draw fragrant summer nights.

Like sunflowers gazing into the setting sun,
my my, my heavenly muse

The want is grave,
to have to hold,
to take your passionate soul to fuel it bold.

To strum your skin and mark your flesh,
it leads a trail to your core that flows moist and fresh.

I can feel the thumping beat from the ground.
Your heart, escalates to a heavy metal sound.

Your eyes draw me mad.
Your eyes draw me hard.
Your eyes take my sad.
Your eyes take my scars.
Your eyes draw colours of blacks and blues.
Your eyes drive the good from the bad.

Like the need to fuck you all night long,
my my, my heavenly muse


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