Beyond The Loneliness of Trees


A world dreamed in action from the moment the sun rises
Where the eyes swell with dried up tears as the weight inside collapses
The thought of stepping out into a world uncontrollably spinning on its axis
So it seems from the heavy hearted breaths that burn to ashes

Funny how it slowly fades away as the sun sets
Beyond the lighted sky as it falls the darker it gets
Loneliness turns to fear that is fed by regrets
Staled on the tongue from smoking dried up cigarettes

Jack or Jim, neat or wet, Jose on the side with a wedge of lemon
Distilling the pain as the brain delivers a sermon
Telling the heart how to feel, not giving a shit about livin’
Playing it safe, all alone, except for the heart is cryin’

It knows how to feel all the wonders it sees
It sighs and it swoons as a gentle breeze
But is afraid, to ride the waves, on the seas
To weak, to journey, beyond the loneliness of trees


12 thoughts on “Beyond The Loneliness of Trees

  1. Exceptional poem! β€œBeyond The Loneliness of Trees” is sad, moving, and so incredibly beautiful. Please take good care.

    Wishing you the very best,

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