A Time For Confession

a time for reflection, when hearts lay heavy
a time for direction, from ill words spoken
a time for protection, to hold love dearly
a time for affection, to mend hearts broken
a time for connection, to rekindle desire
a time for perfection, in acceptance of two
a time for infection, a mingling of fire
a time for correction, to what is askew
a time for dissection, stripping it down
a time for eruption, stroked to feel hot
a time for consumption, curls up a frown
a time for resurrection, without love one cannot
a time for seduction, fueled by spells and charms
a time for erection, an instrument of lust
a time for collection, embraced in each-others arms
a time for inception, in unity a must


5 thoughts on “A Time For Confession

  1. Shedding a new light on those Ecclesiastes verses. A lot is packed within this poem, and it reads beautifully!

  2. The pace picks up double time towards the end and is thrusts forward in an unexpected way. You’re amazing and gifted. I mean that in a purely aesthetic sense. x

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