Oh My Heart

Oh my heart, how it aches, with a sinking feeling that swells
It draws a sorrow of loneliness and despair, rung by cathedral bells

The ink that bleeds as it beats flowing red
The thoughts exploding in my fucking head

To be or not, is not, the question asked to be
Whether it is, is it to be, noble and free

A trap that is set with a spring that is coiled
A stroke to the heart comes undone and soiled

Pain, so much pain, unbearable pain
It falls like rain, feelings rein, under the moons reign

Oh my heart, how it aches, for the strike of loves hold
An arrow that is pulled back, the bow flexes bold

It pierces through, flesh and bone, the mark is hit true
A burst of light ignites, aflame, the heart burns for you

Deep within a yearning calls it swirls from the bowels
To rise, a voice vibrates and echoes in song that howls

Your name, breathed from my lips that desire
As the blast of air exhaled sets my passion afire

Only the moon knows the truth why my heart is blue
In the form of a poem that ends with, I Love You

Oh my heart, how it aches, for the freedom to say
Those three words, to push all doubt away

Grasp the courage to stand tall
Face to face and bare all

Words once written in rhyme
In hope to save lost time

To conquer the fear that controls a life
Living off the edge of a knife

A pledge to a love for the ages
Lived, rather than stained, dying on pages


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  1. Well A, your poem might make the Old Bard just a happy soul tonight! You’ve resurrected Hamlet before my eyes!

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