Lips, Those Lips, Her Lips


the curves that catch his eyes
succulent, moist and pouty
a flick of the tongue
to coat a shine on vibrant lips so sultry

they part, to shape, entice
with bite, a yearning does invite
a teasing game she plays
a calling without respite

fixed, on gaze, her prey
when breath, expelled so deep
ruby red, pursed and crowned
coiled, set to pounce and leap

lips, those lips, her lips
they smudge and smear
leaving traces of red
marking her territory, front to rear

in and out, lapping at the bit
strokes to coax a rise
deep, deeper, deepest still
these forces that tear the eyes

every gram in him, drained and siphoned clean
overloaded charge would blind
she sucked, with lips wrapped around
not a single drop left behind


Happy Weekend!!

19 thoughts on “Lips, Those Lips, Her Lips

      1. Lol, it should be “ma chΓ¨re” as your comment is otherwise directed to a man haha…but I got the general idea all the same πŸ˜‰
        Thank you Antony, what a lovely thing to say, and in French too ❀

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