On The Moon ~ with a different point of view

I closed my eyes to visualize
A trip into outer space

Gravity escapes me
As I rise and rise in a silent grace

Distant stars are unreachable
Except in the mind of a wild child

To think of a place oh so far away
In a utopian state

Where bliss is peace
And love is the fuel that feeds the soul

Hunger is seldom a word used
Sharing is the knowledge that creates the future

A compelling look that takes me back
To gaze at the earth with a different point of view

Settle down on the moon
Taking stock of a world before my eyes

Churning oceans of clouds that swirls
Wisps of white cotton candy spun in twirls

Snow capped mountains that dot
Valleys that are painted emerald green, it breaths

Rivers that line and weave
Pooling into lakes, once crystal clear

Trees and flowers that take turns
Blooming and shedding the passing seasons

Birds of a feather that flock
Beasts that roam securing their right to life

And man
The root of evil

I gaze once more at a twinkling light
No shapes, no life, just a spot that shines bright

My heart turns to call on earth
With a hope to save its worth


13 thoughts on “On The Moon ~ with a different point of view

  1. What a sensational write. I love the dashing imagery and the moon reference!! She has a sweet spot. πŸ™‚

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