“hey good lookin, what’s cookin”

Pink Bow and a frilly dress
Matching pumps that clickity-clack as she walks
A spring in her step, her heart beats with a joy
In time with a tune that flows in her head
That song one can never get out of, day or night
Her happy smile attracts, these sad eyes from a distance
Making me drunk, standing on a corner, watching her, walk by

I think of Ed singing the words…
“maybe you should learn to love her
Like Like The Way
You Wanna Be Loved”

I was shaped and molded through time
Many sad many glad
Pain that endured and pain that explained
Life is a journey that gives and takes
Why its important to live at the cost of mistakes
A kick in the ass is a good thing
It says, Get The Fuck Up!
Like a dog that falls into water
Twists and shivers, shimmie shake
Let that shit fly off in space

When I see a lady, walking down the street
I’m gonna whistle and holla
Lady Divine, I’d say…
You look mighty fine
Have a nice day


Hi πŸ™
dropping in quick…sending love to all with joy and peace through the many holidays we enjoy…regardless of its many names…lets do it with love for all ❀️(πŸ’›)

see you in the new year…celebrate life πŸ·πŸŽ‰

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