A One In A Million

From tip of toes
Brushed or bare
Ticklish treats
Suckling sweets
Soles that tingle
As the tongue glides
Sending spasms that mingle
Riding up
On a journey
To her now
Soaked pussy

Her scent invades
Waters the eyes
The fragrance of woman
Beating hearts rise
It’s tempo double pounds
Butterfly’s flutter around
Belly to belly
It’s starting to get

Those breasts
Those wonderful breasts
Softness in grace
The strength of life
Charms that dangle
Bounce and jiggle

Curves of the neck
Kisses given in pecks
Nibbles and bites
On lips, that are puckered plump
Gentle kisses would turn
To hard french kissing
Teeth would crash
In a painless rush
When eye to eye
The minds connect
Thats when two stars collide
Space, it lights the fuck up
A one in a million
When you find her
Put a ring on it


hi everyone ☺️
hope you are all well
trying to pop in as much as i can
havent had many chances to visit and read
but when i do i get inspired by all of you
i’ve read amazing pieces. different and cool in their own right
but each exquisite
if i was santa, you all would get a visit
for being very good boys and girls in a playful naughty way
even when the sadness comes out, it’s sootheing in a way
it shares that love from inside, you know what i mean.

i’ll come visit soon again, hard to stay away from you
love and peace
πŸ™β€οΈ (πŸ’›)

Antony xxx

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