Broken-A Duet with Ax

I’ve had the honor of collaborating with Jennifer of INK AND QUILL before, the first time was a wonderful experience. This time, we both grew to appreciate the life we’ve been blessed to have and share, this stage with all of our friends here on wp. Yes YOU!! those who have dropped in to visit us, who have inspired us and who have supported us. For that, I know I may speak for Jennifer, we Thank You, humbly.

Dear Jennifer, no words, can a poet express to justify the admiration I have for you other than to say, thank you.

All my friends, if you do not know of Jennifer, please follow the link here INK AND QUILL and enjoy the ride into a world where poetry is written not just by the moon and stars or by the waves that roll from shore to shore. Stand and gaze as the sun rises and sets, her light is the love and passion Jennifer fills with every letter strung to create her art.
Her Poetry.

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14 thoughts on “Broken-A Duet with Ax

  1. Antony, you are the dearest! Thank you for your beautiful words. I got a little teary reading this. What a beautiful thing to say. I’m humbled and grateful for our friendship. You inspire me. x

    Well said Antony. WP provides, a home, a place where we can be free to write, to express, grow and learn. Such a supportive and encouraging community.

    I thank you for that.

    Lets write another poem! hehe 😉

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