To Touch

With a touch that trails along her flesh.

Thumbs that press against her temples.

As fingers lace behind her head.

Draws lips to lips with kisses.

Frequent soft pecks, some that land hard.

Taste of sensuous tongues dance to rhythms tune.

Beating hearts pound, jungle fever swoons.

A dance to trance, that consumes.

Charged by touch that sparks.

Lightning strikes, followed by thunder that roars.

Engulfed by passions throes.

Blood streaming, veins flowing.

Hot and cold unite, a tempest is unleashed.

Winds whirl, tornadoes begin to swirl.

Spinning minds, drive fluttering hearts.

Drips of sex, oozes, freshly squeezed.

The pit is horny, it screams inside.

To touch, touch every inch.

To touch, touch the long.

To touch, touch.

To touch.


9 thoughts on “To Touch

  1. It starts like a tender romantic flutter and then grows increasingly hot and sultry, very much like the actual act. You nailed it, pun intended πŸ˜€

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