A Soldiers Letter

Dearest Mine
As you read this letter hold your hand
Pressed to breast
Feel the beat of your heart pound
Allow it to soak and fill with sound
Of a love that travels through space
Inked onto paper
Scribed from a longing vapor
That would, to unite, if time would grant
One last chance

A day in the meadow by a stream
Reciting poems written by sages
The likes of Aristotle and Plato
Minstral songs to dance
Stealing my fair maidens kiss
Under a full moon glow
As stars fill the sky
Reality comes to life

Flameing arrows that arch from above
Piercing the armour of charging soldiers
Striking down fathers, husbands and sons
A sensless battle, all in the name of greed
Stained over the plains
By souls left to wither and bleed

Days that turn to months and years
Hunger for an end, is no where near
With each death comes replaced by another beating heart
Where time will cease, once again

I dream of that meadow
Where I would rather be


Flower Art and Photo Artist Here
Anna Remarchuk

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