Hang’em Up

If you’re not into me
At least tell me
I’m just a speck in the breeze
That happened to land in the sea
Floating further away out of sight
Lost, day and night
The thought of you only
Steering me right

If you’re not into me
At least tell me
I’ll go away I promise
You’ll never hear, you’ll never see
All the memories will disappear
Journey on without fear
To places new and people too
Never regret leaving me here

If you’re not into me
At least tell me
I can handle the truth
Honesty is all I ask to be
I always thought it was my luck
Falling for you like a drunk
Now that I’m sober
You didn’t give a fuck


30 thoughts on “Hang’em Up

      1. Oh, but you are the poet with a billions words that takes me on the journey of soul. You inspire me too – very, very much. ❀ U Right Back.

      2. I love you! Did you get the invite to the journal? I took the journal private but split the poetry out to a different page for public.

    1. Thank you M ❀️ Always for your kindness.
      This was a tough piece to write. Was gonna trash it because it did what I expected it to do. Draws more towards the sad rather than see the liberating side of truth and honesty.
      Hope all is well πŸ™

      1. I’m so glad you posted it. I think the line that got me was, β€œI’ll go away I promise” a tearjerker. Agreed, truth and honesty is liberating, often a hard and bitter pill to swallow. β€œHang’em Up” is a marvelous poem! Thank you all is well, wishing you the same. ~ Mia

  1. Someone’s said this to me, and I appreciated his openness. Sadly, I could not be into him because he went driving with lots of Daisies. And, as much as he was into me, my friends and family very calmly warned me to avoid him. No situation is perfect, Ax, but at least we have our vivid imaginations to make up for it.

  2. Why can’t people just be honest with each other? It would save a lot of pain in the long run. Loving someone who doesn’t give a flying fuck about you . . . what can I say other then it really, really sucks?
    You put a hurtful thing into beautiful words, Antony.

  3. Oh Antony, your words are really speaking to me at the moment…you’ve got me all choked up again. I can totally relate to this and you’ve expressed it so beautifully… I felt every word…beautiful and magnificently honest…hugs and love to your beautiful soul ❀

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