Mouse On The Moon

Below a sky that transforms from blue to black
Where the night twinkles with stars on track
Comes to gather and watch, tiny creatures
A glowing wheel, peppered with craters

Run, run, running to the edge of the earth
As it rises, a jump to grasp and capture it’s worth
Claws grab hold of ghostly air
Falls to the ground with a longing stare

Comrades laugh and tease their brethren fool
The moon is too high they say, such a stubborn mule
This cheese in the sky is for the gods
Not a frail mouse whose stacked against all odds

The little mouse twitched a nose and closed his eyes
His tail slowly curled, to dream in hushed lullabies
A tale of a magical ride that goes beyond reality
To where dreams are made of fantasy

With twigs, a lattice made, twined with angels hair
Step above another, reaching high with care
Clouds abound that holds in place
As he climbs above with a smile that lights his face

Mouse on the moon
A story to swoon
Filling a belly
Heaven in a cheese deli


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