Devotion ~ A Collaboration ~ Jennifer Calvert and Ax

I call her, Lady Jennifer, aka Superstar Diva, why?
Read her other works for yourself and you’ll see but here are a few reasons…
Poetry with imagery and intensity
Her prose flows with such beauty I smile with excitement as her words sound off like a symphony
Micro Poetry that tingles the senses
Verses that drives thoughts to explode
Oh and more, more, so head over and read, more, more…

Thank you Jennifer for partnering, you make me look good
Your fan
Your friend


Jennifer Calvert Author


He held her hand and began to tell a story
Eyes wide and round filling with glory
He painted the moon full in her honour
And set in motion his devotion upon her
To the skies above he declared his love
He stroked unyielding, swooning his dove
Pouring his words, the world becomes a blur
And set in motion his devotion upon her
He pledged a beating heart that lives inside
With a broad chest, his passionate breath will rise
To speak in truths, may it fill her to stir
And set in motion his devotion upon her
A charm in the night, like a shooting star
His love ignites a celestial light seen from afar
To awaken their love, shower her in stardust myrrh
And set in motion his devotion upon her


A young girl dreams in a moment in time
Where the world makes no reason…

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      1. Email sent with the start. Hurry up and get back to me lol
        Please (Canadian side of me now, when you can, no rush, I’ll just sit here and wait, munching on poutine)

  1. You sweetheart you! You brought tears to my eyes. Your words really touched me, just like your writing does. Anytime you want yo collaborate, I’m in. You make me look good! πŸ˜‰β€οΈ

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