Spirit Bear

Nursery rhymes echo in her mind
Silence owns her vacant heart
The missing that hurts, tearing apart
When loss becomes her daily grind

Strength enough to carry on
Just enough, doesn’t last long
His empty bed, pains in song
Stained by tears, her baby is gone

Every night, she recites poetry
Words that flow in her sorrow
That always ends with, till tomorrow
“I miss you, love, your mommy”

She slumps, to a sleepless slumber
As darkness surrounds her night
Like magic, appears a light
In a stunning wonder

Her heart sways to a hallowed tune
Sung by an angel that falls from heaven
Even birds hush their singing so they may listen
Lost in the dark a voice comes to soothe

Remember me for all eternity
As I will you, my mother dear
Shed no more sadness in a tear
Embraced I am in paradise with the Holy Trinity

Live your days as meant to be
Gifted by the divine right to live
Brothers and sisters to give
A spirit bear for they will have in me


This poem is dedicated to a dear friend.

14 thoughts on “Spirit Bear

  1. I’m not able to see correctly. The tears are in my eyes. Hard for me to gather myself. This is stunning… Antony, my favorite piece of yours. I’m blown away.
    My love is always yours. ❀️

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