When Two Unite

When she stands, she stands above all others
The blackness that surrounds her is her strength
She will pull on thigh high boots
She will wear a collar tagged with my name
She will pose in a manner that glows from her soul
Her head will be bowed in a tantric way
Chanting silently in her head, a prayer
Her flesh exposed, it shows her purity
Enticing my eyes, they draw lines
That weave a path of adventure
The dips and lows along the curves
The moist wet valley that echoes gladly
Lips on lips that suck and kiss
Teeth, leaving marks from lustful nips
The moment of entry when two unite
Is the moment, the world is right


26 thoughts on “When Two Unite

  1. Beautifully enchanting (although for a moment I thought we were talking about Pus in boots, with the collar and all πŸ˜€ )

      1. I love everything you write, A. Your gift is amazing. I’m grateful to have found you on this planet.

      2. it was written long before we arrived I believe – I like to imagine the Inca’s drawing the two of us sitting and communicating across the land using the sky –

    1. Hi Charly, nice to see you. Hope you are well.
      Dude, I don’t understand what your saying. Borrow? Limbo? Around the block. Sorry I have a slow mind. I hope what you’re saying is you like the poem πŸ™ please, yes, do you πŸ™ please say yes, and I give you permission to lie lol

      1. What IΒ΄m saying is that is was such a beautiful poem, so sligh, that I need to use those words to pick up woman, because once you say that to them they will be so flabergasted they wonΒ΄t know what to think, theyΒ΄ll be in some trance in “limbo” a beautiful one all because of the words you wrote, so I gotta steal the words then learn them, and later on spout it to the women so I too can have my own line around the block of woman wanting to…. cook for me, or just dust here and ther also plus a bonus. If you want I will be more clear and put every dot in the i and ever cross in the t.
        Indeed a beautiful poem.

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