Fly Butterfly Fly (A Collaboration, East with West)

This collaboration happened by chance. A moment where stars, yes stars aligned and one in particular shined brightly in the form of a LostSiren who in my mind is not lost but found. Here, sharing her artistry in words. Her love and compassion is a divine gift. Please click on and head over to Dana’s blog at Love Letters Lost at Sea. You will be pleased.

I would like to dedicate my part to all those who feel like you are trapped. Like a nesting doll. No matter how many layers are released it seems like another strangle hold has you. Keep releasing the next until your colorful wings open and the sunlight makes them glow. Fly Butterfly Fly

Dana. No words can express my admiration. Like many who have shared with me a page or two. I am humbly indebted and grateful for your friendship. I smile more now because poetry for me is the most beautiful thing in the world except for Life and Love

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