What Is Beauty?

The dawn still sleeps under a midnight blue sky
When birds, chirp and tweet, the sweetest sound
Lazy eyes awake to a buzzing as the sun begins to rise
Breath blasts out a thank you, in,

Stepping through the door
Skipping down a path
The smell of coffee brewing, at the corner store
Croissants perfuming the air, the artist,

The flakes that crumble, breaking apart
Melting on tongues, tasting the bakers heart
Smiles walking by
Strangers, greeting,

Strolling through a park, sipping
Sitting on a bench, crumbs feeding
Beaks pecking on the ground
Peace in an urban setting,

Eyes light up at first sight
The half of a whole walks up
A kiss on the lips that thrill
The joy of beauty, is this,

A journey floats inside the mind
To find, the meaning of life in kind
Where colours of cultures mix
In peace, an addicts

Lands that dot the seas
The earth that rises high to the sky
Cloaked in green swaying to the breeze
Watching the sun set, before the,

Orange fades in with a glowing yellow
Sparkles over the ocean, so mellow
Love floats on a heart of glass
That can break, with a tempests,

What is beauty? but a choice
To live a life designed with a voice
To speak, to sing, to laugh, to photograph
Memories like the paint on a canvass, that,


18 thoughts on “What Is Beauty?

  1. I use the word beautiful when things feel as your poem does. I looked it up just because and yes – it fits you well.

    pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.
    “beautiful poetry”
    synonyms: attractive, pretty, handsome, good-looking, alluring, prepossessing; More
    of a very high standard; excellent.
    “the house had been left in beautiful order”

  2. So in tune. This captured everything around, including the crumbs that fell to the ground perfectly. By the artist that is – magnificent. πŸ˜ƒ

  3. So beautiful! I love the dreamy place and the gorgeous descriptions! And mmmm yes, kisses! πŸ™‚

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