The mirror reveals
A message like that
Sweet words that endear the heart
So blissful a smile turns to want

Steam still rising
The lettered streaks fade away
He spins around hard
She catches him, rising

Her finger curls in a calling
Her silent plea, needing
Taking it slow
Feeling it flow

Without any pressure
Seasoned souls
Reeling in the vibe
Along the thighs

Skims over the bump
On the hip that tickles
Beating hearts will rise
But its the tempo that creates the high

As you can see
I know you get this
When poetry sets free
Sex, when its Steamy


10 thoughts on “Steamy

  1. I haven’t been getting notifications of yours 😦
    I’ve missed you… So missed you. I’ll have to bookmark you and check daily. I love this so much.. Love messages on mirrors ❀️

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