The Measure of a Knife

Never, a tree seen
Limbs that stretch across the sky
Whose beauty compares to you

Sprouting flowers bloom
Through butterfly filled meadows
Their dance, dulls in your shine

Running rivers that gurgle
It’s peaceful song in nature
Stills, to your flowing lines

At night the stars come out
They twinkle bright like diamonds
Cut, by your razor, sharp, edge

Choir songs sung in cathedrals
Heavens harps rise in crescendo
As you glide, across, the flesh

Angels appear in the horizon
Demons crawling from below
But you, are the object of my desire

Held in hand a soulmates fit
Perfect balance, between good and evil
My love for you, everlasting, is

Stroke for stroke, caressed
Embraced by your cold, hot, steel
Until death, do we part

Where in an infinite dream
Become my tongue

Slashing words that pierce
With a penetrating hook
Thoughts exploding in my head

Speaking up and out
Where truth is
The Measure of a Knife


photo from google images


Dedicated to everyone I’ve ever collaboratd with.
This is for you. Thank you for playing.

Love to all who read, liked and commented. Truly appreciated.
I hope to play some more, if anyone interested. espceically with those ive yet to have the honour to write with. wanna play? come say hey!

sweet weekend to all, peace πŸ™β€οΈ


14 thoughts on “The Measure of a Knife

      1. Thank you. I’m honored and humbled because I think you’ve a gifted writer. The piece you wrote with Rita was magnificently done as well. I believe I left a comment there as well not sure you’ve seen. Anyway, beautiful work🌹

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