Petites Pensées ~ Revenant

Another amazing writer I enjoy, Miss Karin Kater Kei and wanted to share her brilliance. A fellow Canadian to boot 🇨🇦

The Eclectic Poet

My day has been oddly off-kilter. A misty, otherworldly feeling since I woke this morning. So thrown off-balance by your appearance in my dreams. My subconscious must be more Welsh than the rest of me; it had to mine deep to find the image of you from then. There’s a lot that I would give to have the easy friendship, the smiles and intellectual banter that were conjured for me. The same that died the natural death of distance and years.

Even more do I wish that the warmth I felt suffuse every nerve and fibre when I looked into brown eyes that I once wished to drown in… could be a portent of what might come.

~ kei

5 January 2016

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2 thoughts on “Petites Pensées ~ Revenant

  1. Thank you so much Ax! I’ve been quiet lately and so this was a very nice surprise, smiles. It’s always a treat to be connected with other Canuks. K~xx

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