Rabbit Run

When a poem moves me, well I react. Love Love Love this explosion in my head. Please go directly to Lady Jennifer’s site. You will enjoy. Promise

Jennifer Calvert Author

tumblr_nk4v9iV0JA1qiujq2o1_500 http://www.tumblr.com Build a kingdom,
On noon,
A royal headache and prattle,
Boys, watch out,
The queen is on the lookout,
Heads will roll about,

Shock me, with your razor tongue,
The palace likes a little drama,
Theatrical and affected,
Pleasure driven,
The power of the reign,
A dangerous game,
The hunter likes to hunt, the little cottontails,

Run rabbit, run,
She will skin you alive,
A fur wrap around her neck,
And doe eyes; brown and bleak,
A pawn in her game,
The prey, the hunter,
Merely a causality, for her entertainment,
Your heart a trophy, mounted on the wall,

The scent of fear, her preferred perfume,
Tempts and allures,
To take the bait,
Trapped, in a snare,
Too late,
Run rabbit, run.

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